“Bigger is not always Better”
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Our staff and management strive everyday to make sure that although we are not the biggest AMC we do everything possible to be the best. Being the best takes care and understanding of the appraisal process from both the lenders standpoint and the appraiser's standpoint. Our appraisers understand that we have commitments to our clients and in order to keep our commitments we have to work together. Our lenders understand that we are constantly monitoring, updating, and working with our appraisers to ensure a reliable product that is produced by some of the best appraisers in the industry.

Confidence, Quality, Compliance, Competence, and Accuracy are the values that are instilled in our staff and our appraisers on every order that is placed with Appraisal Connection.

We realize we are only as good as the appraisers who are utilized to complete the appraisal. That is why we strive to recruit only the best and most professional appraisers available.

Unlike many other companies that broadcast an order or auto assign an order all of our coordinators manually assign our work. They call appraisers to ensure coverage, turn time, ability, and willingness. This is the first and one of the most important steps to a great turn time and product. Our coordinators go through extensive training that helps them understand the importance of selecting the correct appraisers for the job.

They work closely with our management, review, and recruiting staff to help control turn time, quality, and coverage. In addition, they follow each order closely as it progresses through the process ensuring appropriate scheduling and return of the appraisal. Our goal is not to find the appraiser who will do the appraisal for the lowest fee, but to find the most qualified appraiser to complete the assignment.

Our Appraisers:
Our appraisers although not directly employed by Appraisal Connection, are just as important as our in house staff. The appraisers that work with us are some of New York and New Jersey’s best appraisers. They understand that working with us instead of against us, makes both their job and ours easier. They have the experience and talent necessary to complete appraisals that meet not only industry standards but our standards as well.

They have exceptional professionalism, ethics, and knowledge about their profession. We are in close constant contact with our appraisers and feel that they too should be recognized as an important part of our organization.

Our recruiting process is unlike any other in the industry. Our management team has worked with appraisers from all counties in New York and New Jersey for over 5+ years in an AMC environment. They specialize in finding qualified, competent, licensed appraisers that will meet our standards. They understand fully that an AMC is only as good as its appraisers and strive to select and find the best and most professional appraisers.

Each appraiser goes through an extensive selection process that includes a phone interview, sample work, verifying experience, proper licensing with state and government officials, current Errors and Omissions Policy, and a current resume. Recruiting department monitors appraisers licensing to ensure we always have update licensing and E&O on file. In addition recruiting is responsible for negotiating fee schedules and handling all issues with appraiser’s fees. Again we do not select the appraiser who will complete the assignment for the lowest fee; we select the most qualified appraiser.

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